Defensible Space

Creating a defensible space is one of the most important things you can do to protect your home. Generally you should start near your house and work outward. Pick the most important things that you can do quickly and affordably first and move outward.

Fire Hardening Your Home

  • Keep your gutters and roofs including roof to wall junctions (dormers, chimney chases) clear of leaves and debris.

  • Replace wood shingle roofs with a fire resistant roof

  • Make sure all vents have 1/8 inch screening (except dryer vents)

  • Eliminate wood attachments like fences connected to your house (replace with a metal gate or metal fence section)

  • Eliminate flammable materials around your home (0-5 ft) and deck, especially any dry flammable materials, mulch and plants near windows.

  • During a wildfire move anything burnable—such as patio furniture or gas BBQ tanks—30 feet away from structures.

Defensible Space Landscaping

The Three R's of Defensible Space:

  • Removal - plants, particularly trees and shrubs, but especially pyrophytic vegetation

  • Reduction -remove low tree branches, prune dead wood from shrubs and mow dry grasses

  • Replacement- plant less flammable plants

Hydrant Compatibility

During the October, 2017 fires, the incoming fire engines from other areas outside Napa County had difficulty accessing the water sources from our local water tanks. The current standard in Napa for all new buildings is for a 4.5" discharge on all wet draft hydrants. Engines from other counties did not have this size adapter so could not get water from the available water sources. A solution is to purchase a 4.5" female NH to 2.5" male NH adapter to place on your 4.5" wet draft hydrant. A 2.5" cap is also recommended. The 2.5" discharge side of the adapter is a common size for all fire engines. You can search for this item online. This aluminum alloy one costs $98.69, has free shipping and it is worth every penny. You may find a less expensive version in your search.

If your wet draft hydrant supply comes from a swimming pool use a brass adapter. Aluminum fittings will corrode over time when exposed to pool water and may eventually fail.


911 Address Signs

911 Address Signs Provide Better Visibility for Emergency Vehicles.

It is essential for all houses to have proper address signs for responders to identify your house. In addition, Napa County has address sign requirements including reflectivity and lettering size.

Purchase online by clicking below or download the 911 Reflective Address Order Form and mail it to us.


Private Bridges

Will a Fire Engine cross your bridge to fight a fire at your house?

We have many bridges that cross the creeks in our area. These bridges need to be certified by a structural engineer so that all fire engines can safely cross the bridge to provide important emergency services. Please see the example to the right, of a local bridge that has completed the process. This ensures that both local and visiting engines would cross your bridge.